Metallurgical Department / Destructive Testing


130,000 pound capacity, Instrumentation that accurately measures tensile load, yield strength,  elongation and reduction in area. (ISO 17025 accredited ANAB)

Hardness/ Micro Hardness

Capable of measuring hardness in: Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers Micro Vickers, Micro Knoop and Shore Durometer. (ISO 17025 accredited ANAB)


264 Ft Lb Capacity,  Temperatures ranging from 70 degrees F to -340 degrees F.   Annually certified to NIST standards. (ISO 17025 accredited ANAB)

Chemical Analysis/Material Identification

Leco Glow Discharge Spectrometer(GDS) capable of  detecting element levels with in one thousandth of a percent  in Steel, Cast iron, Aluminum, Copper, Zink, Nickel, Cobalt, Tungsten, Titanium as well as many other material types. (ISO 17025 accredited ANAB)

Sci Aps Libz unit allows us to perform high resolution mobile chemical analysis with carbon detection capabilities. (ISO 17025 accredited ANAB)

XRF: This non-destructive process is capable of rapid and accurate alloy verification/identification in field or shop environments. (ISO 17025 accredited ANAB)

Metallographic Imaging

State of the art Zeiss optics capable of 1000X magnification and analyzing software. We can examine grain size, carbide precipitation, alpha case, hardness depth, inclusions, cracks and surface conditions.  Both Digital and hard copy photos can be provided. (ISO 17025 accredited ANAB)

Weld Qualifications and Procedures

Full-service welder and procedure qualification facility.  We have in house welding booths available and can provide all required documentation for PQR, WPS, and welder qualifications.  We perform all qualification tests required by numerous codes.

We have vast experience in the area of welding procedure qualification and welder qualification. We offer the following services in this area:

  • Perform all required qualification tests in house
  • Provide all required procedure/welder qualification documentation (PQR/WPS/WPQ)
  • Consultation on code requirements
  • In house welding booths